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Coral and Bella Hadid: Revolutionizing Art and Community with CY-B3LLA NFT Platform


The world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has provided a new frontier for artists, celebrities, and creatives to showcase their work and engage with their fans. Coral, a leading technology and design firm, partnered with renowned supermodel Bella Hadid to create CY-B3LLA – an innovative NFT platform that brings digital art and community building to the forefront. This case study explores the collaboration between Coral and Bella Hadid, detailing our role in the technical development, design, and implementation of the CY-B3LLA platform.

Conceptualizing CY-B3LLA

Bella Hadid's interest in gaming and online life inspired the concept of CY-B3LLA, which offers a unique blend of digital art and community engagement. The platform consists of 11,111 unique NFTs based on Bella Hadid's image, crafted by 10 different creatives using 3D scans of her body. These digital assets are more than just images – they come with a digital record, certifying the ownership of each NFT.

Coral's Role in Development and Design

Our team at Coral collaborated closely with Bella Hadid and her team to bring CY-B3LLA to life. We were responsible for the technical development and design of the platform, ensuring a seamless and captivating user experience. Working in partnership with reBASE, a social metaverse site, we were able to create a cutting-edge platform that resonated with Bella Hadid's vision and attracted a wide audience.

Building a Community with CY-B3LLA

Beyond the aesthetic appeal of the NFTs, Bella Hadid envisioned CY-B3LLA as a platform for fostering community and connection. Coral played a crucial role in facilitating this vision by implementing features that promote online and real-life interactions. Purchasing a CY-B3LLA NFT grants users access to exclusive online and real-life events, such as meet-and-greets with Bella Hadid in various cities around the world.

Coral's Expertise in Technology and Design

The success of CY-B3LLA highlights Coral's expertise in technology and design. We have demonstrated our ability to collaborate with high-profile clients like Bella Hadid, delivering exceptional results that capture the essence of their vision. Our team's dedication to innovation and excellence ensures that we continue to create platforms that revolutionize the digital landscape.


The partnership between Coral and Bella Hadid showcases the transformative power of technology and design in creating unique, engaging platforms for art and community building. With the launch of CY-B3LLA, we have successfully merged the worlds of digital art and social interaction, providing a new avenue for fans to connect with Bella Hadid and with each other. At Coral, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and look forward to continuing to create groundbreaking experiences that captivate and inspire.

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