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In today's digital age, dental care providers need to adapt and evolve to stay competitive and provide the best possible patient experience. Our team at Coral partnered with Total Health Dental Care to help them achieve this goal by developing a custom suite of technological solutions tailored to their specific needs. This case study showcases our collaboration with Total Health Dental Care, highlighting how we created an in-house engineering team, developed a mobile app, and crafted tools to enhance their patient engagement and operational efficiency.

In-House Engineering Team

Our first step was to work closely with Total Health Dental Care to establish an in-house engineering team, ensuring that we could fully understand their needs and create the most effective technological solutions. This collaboration allowed us to develop a deep understanding of their workflows, processes, and challenges, ultimately leading to better outcomes.

Mobile App Development

To cater to the needs of over 15,000 active patients, we designed and shipped a comprehensive mobile app that streamlined various aspects of their dental care experience. The app featured regular appointment booking, virtual appointments, secure messaging, and bill pay, making it a one-stop-shop for all their dental care needs.

Tools for Growth and Efficiency

We didn't stop at the mobile app. Our team also developed a series of tools that helped Total Health Dental Care achieve exponential growth. These tools included:

  1. Online scheduling: A user-friendly interface for patients to book appointments easily and efficiently.
  2. Automated workflows: Streamlined processes for better productivity and reduced manual work.
  3. Custom CRM: An integrated CRM system that connected various tools and departments, such as the call center and different employee roles.

These innovations contributed to a significant increase in appointments – over 1,000 additional appointments per month.

The Dental Hygiene Bar Concept

Our crowning achievement was the launch of a cutting-edge Dental Hygiene Bar concept in the Bay Area. We used the technology we built for Total Health Dental Care to create a fully virtual in-person dental experience, revolutionizing the way patients interacted with their dental care provider. This innovative concept garnered attention from both the dental industry and patients alike.


Our partnership with Total Health Dental Care demonstrates how the right technology solutions can transform a dental care provider's operations, leading to improved patient experiences and accelerated growth. At Coral, we're proud of our role in this success story and are committed to helping businesses reach their full potential through innovative technological solutions. If you're ready to revolutionize your business, contact us today to discover what we can achieve together.

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