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Sand Browser: Revolutionizing Workspaces and Productivity for Tech Professionals


Modern browsers like Chrome and Safari have become essential tools for navigating the digital world, but they often fall short in meeting the unique needs of developers, testers, and tech professionals. Recognizing this gap, the startup Sand set out to create a groundbreaking browser built on Chromium that utilizes workspaces and a suite of innovative features to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. Coral played a pivotal role in bringing Sand to life, collaborating closely with the startup to design and develop the browser's innovative UI and UX.

Sand Browser: A New Approach to Browsing

Sand reimagines the browsing experience with a focus on workspaces, tasks, and seamless integration of essential tools. Key features of the Sand browser include:

  1. Workspaces: Sand allows users to organize and group tabs into workspaces labeled by project, company, client, etc., improving organization and saving processing power.
  2. Task management: Users can easily create tasks with linked tabs and save them for later, helping them stay on top of their work and prioritize effectively.
  3. Integration of essential tools: Sand integrates Spotify, email, calendar, and other essential tools directly into the browser, creating an all-in-one platform that streamlines workflows.
  4. Enhanced developer tools: Sand makes it simple to inspect code, fire up an emulator on any device, and access other developer-specific features, catering to the unique needs of tech professionals.

Design and Development Collaboration with Coral

Coral's expertise in UI, UX design, and development proved instrumental in bringing Sand's vision to life. Key aspects of the collaboration included:

  1. UI/UX design: Coral's design team crafted an aesthetically appealing and intuitive interface, ensuring that Sand's unique features were easily accessible and user-friendly.
  2. Development: Coral's engineers worked closely with the Sand team to develop the browser, leveraging the Chromium platform to deliver a robust, reliable, and high-performance browsing experience.
  3. Quality assurance: Both Coral and the Sand team were involved in testing and refining the browser, ensuring that it met the high standards required for a professional-grade tool.


The Sand browser is a testament to the power of innovative design and development in transforming the way tech professionals work and interact with digital tools. By partnering with the Sand team, Coral has contributed to the creation of a browser that addresses the unique needs of developers, testers, and tech professionals, providing them with a more efficient and enjoyable browsing experience. As the Sand browser continues to evolve and gain recognition, it showcases the potential for targeted, tailored solutions to revolutionize industries and redefine productivity.

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