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Sran Spirits | Daru Whiskey

2021 - Present
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Sran Spirits | Daru Whiskey
Sran Spirits | Daru Whiskey

Sran Spirits and Daru Whiskey: From Concept to Success with Coral's Expertise


Sran Spirits, founded by two entrepreneurial brothers, Sonny and Andy Sran, aimed to create a unique whiskey experience with their flagship product, Daru Whiskey. To bring their vision to life, they partnered with Coral, who stepped in as equity partners, business advisors, and exclusive technology partners. With Coral's guidance and expertise, Sran Spirits has expanded its presence and now caters to customers in five different states, with hundreds of in-store placements and locations.

A Partnership for Growth

The collaboration between Sran Spirits and Coral has been instrumental in taking the company from a simple idea to a successful venture. Key aspects of the partnership include:

  1. Business advisory: Coral's team of experts provided strategic guidance and mentorship to help Sran Spirits develop a clear business plan, identify target markets, and create a growth-oriented roadmap.
  2. Branding and digital presence: Coral's design team worked closely with the founders to create a strong brand identity for Daru Whiskey, reflecting its unique qualities and appeal. They also developed an engaging website and implemented digital marketing strategies to increase online visibility and drive customer engagement.
  3. Technology partnership: As exclusive technology partners, Coral developed custom tools and solutions tailored to Sran Spirits' needs, streamlining operations, and enhancing customer experiences.
  4. Equity partnership: By stepping in as equity partners, Coral demonstrated their commitment to Sran Spirits' success and provided valuable resources and support to help the company scale and grow.

Expanding Horizons

With Coral's support and expertise, Sran Spirits has achieved impressive growth and expanded its presence across multiple states. Key milestones include:

  1. Multi-state presence: Daru Whiskey is now available in five different states, reflecting the company's rapid growth and the product's widespread appeal.
  2. In-store placements: Sran Spirits has secured hundreds of in-store placements and locations for Daru Whiskey, making it accessible to a broad range of customers and increasing its market reach.
  3. Brand recognition: The strong branding and digital presence created by Coral have helped establish Daru Whiskey as a distinctive and memorable product in the competitive spirits industry.


The partnership between Sran Spirits and Coral demonstrates the power of combining entrepreneurial vision with expert guidance and support. With Coral's expertise in business advisory, design, and technology, Sran Spirits has successfully brought Daru Whiskey to the market and achieved significant growth. As the company continues to expand and thrive, it serves as a testament to the potential of collaboration and the value of strategic partnerships in driving business success.

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